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TheGoodLife! FC x adidas “Edizione Speciale” 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football KitTheGoodLife! FC marks our return to the pitch with the unveiling of our 2014 “Edizione Speciale” football kit. Produced in partnership with adidas with design consultation by Moscoso Sport, the “Edizione Speciale” debuts our new “Silver Eagle” crest created by team striker Vincent Mark. Released for players and extreme fanatics only, the “Edizione Speciale” is accompanied by a red & black TheGoodLife! FC x adidas Tango ball and was designed to match our Hooligan Scarf and Supporter Beanie. Here top scorer Juan Aguiar shows off the kit during training under the Manhattan Bridge in photos by Craig Wetherby. Join the TheGoodLife! FC in our quest for city dominance as we battle on Wednesdays in the Bowery Premier League and Thursdays in the Fanatic Premier league, hit the links for schedules. See more after the jump!

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

TheGoodLife! FC x adidas "Edizione Speciale" 2014 Football Kit

Running Around Tokyo


Running around the streets of Tokyo with two of the east coast’s finest players…Mike and Irving…buup buup! If you haven’t been to Tokyo, grab your crew, book the tickets and get here! Image by Blotto

DJ Smoke L.E.S. – Brooklyn – March 2014

Brooklyn to Vermont 2014

What a mission! We got the call from our Vermont homies, Tomas Ruprecht & Jeff from Status BTV, that a major storm was about to hit up North so we had to rally the Brooklyn troops to head up and get some of that FRESH! Our NYC crew consisted of Michael Cohen from Shut Skates, photographers Akira Ruiz, Johnny Law and myself. Once we left Brooklyn it really started to come down heavy so we knew this wasn’t gonna be a mellow drive up. “Slow and Steady” was the motto of this journey and after a 10 hour white knuckle hell drive we finally won the race!
More photos after the jump…It was like driving thru a meteor shower…

But there was no stopping us now…Not even the 3 foot snow drifts!

There was no way to see where the middle of the road was but somehow we managed to stay on track…

After one of the most hellish drives ever we still managed to get up for first tracks and it was well worth the drive!

Now it was time to enjoy what we came for…POW!

Akira found his stash and slashed it!

And our local guide led us to some more of that deep stuff…

Status Jeff with the Field Goal!

Johnny Law found his line in the deepness too!

And shit was DEEP!

But we knew to trust the locals and Tomas led the way…

After a short rest at the top of Smuggler’s Notch…

And another quick pit stop it was time to hike to find more of that goodness!

Once we made it across Sterling Pond we knew it was about to be ON!

It was a nice hike up to the top…

And it just kept getting deeper…

Had to take a quick break to take in the view…

Follow the leader…

After one of the best East Coast runs of our lives we decided to keep it easy and enjoy a nice lift ride up to the top!

The view was epic and our legs definitely needed a break…

Once we made it up we took in the sights real quick but were ready to get back to it…

Thank you once again Vermont…And we’re out!

Wheels Up – February 2014

Stance x Santigold Collection

The Stance x Santigold Collection recently launched with campaign photography by Craig Wetherby and video footage shot by TGL! Family, David “Shadi” Perez and Sue Kwon. We are proud to share more images from the campaign along with the video after the jump.
The Santigold Collection features 3 unique designs named “Brooklyn Go Hard,” “Gold Links” and “Kilimanjaro.” For the Kilimanjaro sock design, she took inspiration from her Kilimanjaro hike with “Summit on the Summit,” a movement that raises awareness for the global clean water crisis. 20% of all sales from the Kilimanjaro style goes toward Charity:Water, a non-profit organization that brings safe and clean water to people in developing nations.

The “Gold Links” style was inspired by Santi’s love for all things gold…

All Gold Everything!

The “Brooklyn Go Hard” style was named after the Brooklyn Anthem she collaborated on with Jay-Z.

Brooklyn We Go Hard!